Choopie - CityGrips Double Bar

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Product Description

CityGrips Double bar fit umbrella / buggy strollers. Keep your stroller cleaner, healthier & more beautiful for You & Your Baby. Protect grips from wear & tear. Machine was and dry dirt and germs away. 2 per pack. CityGrips not only provide a cleaner, more germ-free stroller, they’re also cushiony soft…so much more comfortable then the sweaty factory rubber or foam grips most stroller come with. 

CityGrips make ordinary “off-the-rack” strollers really stand out in a crowd! (ever go to the park and lose your stroller in the crowd?) CityGrips add a cheery splash of color and design…and a touch of fun that make your stroller instantly recognizable!

  • Wash germs and grim away
  • Protect grip/foam from wear and tear
  • Add a stylish accent to your stroller
  • Keeps hands clean and comfortable

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