Mother's Corn No Spill Snack Cup Set


SKU : 8809227436577



Made form corn, Good, Green & Safe.

Durable, freezable and microwavable.

This Picnic Snack Cup set is a multi-purpose cup which can be used to carry snacks.
It comes with a mug cup with 2 handles, non-spill silicone lid and hard lid to cover the non-spill silicone lid for storage to keep food fresh and away from humidity and spillage.
Non-Slip silicone at the bottom to prevent spillage

This multi purpose set has 4 functions:

1. Soup Bowl

2. Non-spill snack cup (use with a non-spill lid)

3. Snack storage (use with air-tight hard lid )                                                                                                               

4. Self training mug cup (with 2 handles on each side, it is easier for baby to hold the cup and feed themselves)

Do not sterilized this product, if you wish to sterilized rise with hot water