TAF TOYS โมบายเด็ก Musical Boat Owl Toy


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Taf Toys โมบายเด็ก Musical Boat Owl Toy

Easier Development
Your baby is eager to explore and learn new things every day. That’s why we gathered a team of developmental experts and created a line of innovative toys that aim to increase your baby’s motor skills, cognition and emotional iq. Each toy contains lots of age-matched features to help your baby improve his skill set as he grows.  Prepare to be amazed by your baby!

  • musical toy for 4 uses and developmental stages, to use as a changing table entertainer, crib soother, tummy-time trainer and as a crawling toy
  • for Easier Development and Easier Parenting!





  • "soothing mode" with soothing melody, nature sounds and water stream sound
  • "playtime mode" with playful melodies
  • projects gentle colorful star shapes
  • motion, light and volume control
  • 3 X AAA batteries (not included)
  • Assembly Instructions

Development Values
  • baby develops cognitive skills and emotional intelligence by listening to the soothing melodies and nature sounds
  • baby develops motor skills by practicing tummy time and by crawling after to moving boat

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