CLEVAMAMA ที่นอนกันกรดไหลย้อน ClevaSleep Plus Elevated Support (0-1y)


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ClevaSleep® Plus Elevated Support



The ClevaSleep® Plus Elevated Support helps ease the discomfort caused by reflux, colic and nasal congestion as well
as aid digestion. The belly & bum wrap comfortably promotes a supine sleeping position. With an adjustable 3 point
harness which grows with your baby.

Made using our advanced ClevaFoam® technology, it supports your baby's rapidly growing body and developing joints
and protects the round shape of your baby's soft head to help prevent Flat Head Syndrome (Plagiocephaly). It is
scientifically proven to reduce pressure on the back of your babyメs head by 50% and to increase support by 80%
(Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland).

Uniquely formulated ClevaFoam® with its open cell structure is 100% breathable, has significantly reduced heat retention
and is remarkably light weight. For your baby's comfort and safety, it is hypo-allergenic, pH balanced and phthalates,
toxin and formaldehyde free, perfect for babies with asthma and allergies. The adjustable wrap allows you to position your
baby on the elevated pad where they are more comfortable.

Removable and machine washable cover.


Washing Instructions:
  • The removable cover and harness are all washable as per the instructions below.
  • The Wedge itself may be washed very occasionally and very gently by hand using a mild detergent.
  • Gently press excess water from the wedge and allow to dry flat.

Safety is a shared responsibility. Although this product has been manufactured according to all safety
standards and requirements, we need your help in order to keep your child safe and failure to follow these
instructions for use may cause serious injury or damage to your child.

To prevent serious injury or death:

- To avoid possible entanglement or strangulation, do not add additional strings or straps to the product.
   Not intended for carrying baby.
- Pay special attention to warnings for safety, in order to prevent possible injury to your child.
- Once your baby is able to roll over freely, the ClevaSleep® Plus Elevated Support is no longer effective
   in positioning your baby and its use should be discontinued.
- Avoid swaddling baby while using this product.
- Inspect that Velcro is still unclogged and strongly secured each time you use the product and your baby is
  comfortable and unable to reach or touch the Velcro.
- Examine product frequently for damage, missing or loose parts. Do not use if product is damaged.

A child's movement can slide this product. NEVER place this product on countertops, tables, on or near steps or
on other elevated surfaces.

Remove all packaging from this item and dispose of carefully to avoid suffocation.


  • All foam products are packed for safety and transportation and require time when unpacked to return to original
  • shape and size if they have been shrunk for transportation reasons.
  • Please remove the product from all packaging and allow to air for a period of 48 hours before use.
  • Optimum room temperature for best performance should be 18°C.


ClevaFoam® technology supports your baby's rapidly growing body and developing joints, it protects the round shape of
your baby's soft head to help prevent Plagiocephaly (Flat Head Syndrome).

It is the only product scientifically proven to reduce pressure on the back of a baby's head by 50% and to increase
support by 80% (Trinity College, University of Dublin, Ireland). And is ideal for babies and children who suffer from
asthma and allergies.

Plagiocephaly is the condition when part of a baby's head becomes flattened due to continued pressure on one spot.
For the ultimate support and protection for your baby, a significant proportion of our product range is made with
ClevaFoam® technology: Mattresses, Pillows, ClevaCushions, ClevaSleep® Pods and many more.

What is ClevaFoam® made of?
- ClevaFoam® is made from low resilience polyurethane foam.

Is ClevaFoam® the same as memory foam?
- No, they share many features but have one great difference, namely the cell structure. Standard or normal memory
foam is usually a closed cell structure which makes it heavy, dense, with reduced airflow causing it to retain and
build up of heat. ClevaFoam® is made with an open cell structure thereby making it lighter, more breathable, with
reduced heat retention.

What age is ClevaFoam® suitable from and to?
- ClevaFoam® products can be used from birth, with the upper age limit depending on the product ClevaFoam® is used in.
For example, the ClevaFoam® Baby Pillow can be used from birth but the Toddler Pillow is not recommended before 12 months.
The ClevaSleep® Plus Elevated Support is also made out of ClevaFoam® and can be used until the baby starts moving in their
sleep, usually at around 5-6 months (this will vary from baby to baby).

Is ClevaFoam® itself washable and if so how?
- Hand wash using a mild detergent, allow to air dry on a flat surface.

Is ClevaFoam® breathable?
- Yes, because of the manufacturing process and the open cell structure ClevaFoam® is breathable.

Is the cover breathable?
- Yes, it is. The cover is made using Airflow™ technology, which increases airflow and draws away moisture from your baby.

Is the cover washable?
- Absolutely! The cover is like any other pillow case and can be hand washed according to the instructions on the care label.

What material is the cover?
- The cover is made from 100% polyester.

Are all ClevaFoam® products lined?
- Yes, all products have a lining. Depending on the product, some are waterproof and some have structure covers.

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