CLEVAMAMA ผ้าห่อตัวเอนกประสงค์ Nite Nite Romper สี Grey (0-6m)


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ผ้าห่อตัวเอนกประสงค์ ตัวผ้าสามารถระบายอากาศได้ดีเยี่ยม เหมาะสำหรับเด็กแรกเกิดถึง 6 เดือน




ผ้าห่อตัวเอนกประสงค์ทารก Clevamama

  • Grows with baby, from swaddle to romper
  • Promotes "hip health" and helps prevent Hip Dysplasia
  • From a soft newborn Swaddle, to a cosy Sleep Bag then an easy-wear Romper
  • 100% soft breathable cotton.

Our super soft 3 in 1 Nite Nite Romper grows with baby during and after the swaddling stage.

0 to 3 months - A snug Swaddle, which cocoons your baby and helps to prevent startle reflex
3 to 6 months - Transitions to a cosy Sleep Bag, unclick the poppers to free your baby's hands to allow the baby to self soothe
6 months plus - Their favourite sleep bag becomes a Romper, simply open the poppers and baby is free to stand and move about.

It is 100% soft breathable cotton and swaddles to waistline for a hip healthy natural leg position. It also has a 2-way zip for easy changing, a chin guard and safe open/close clickable poppers.

Available in Cosy Coral, Blissful Blue and Pop of sunshine.

Fabric composition: 100% Cotton
Washing Instructions: Please follow the instructions below.


Machine washable. Do not mix light and dark colours. Do not soak or bleach. Tumble dry at low temperature.
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