INFANTINO ชุดของเล่นในน้ำ (แท่งใส่น้ำ) Water Wand (12m+)


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Pour water into the top, watch the wheels spin and see the water come out the bottom, watch the wheels spin.



Infantino Water Wand (12m+)

Stimulate your baby's curiosity with the Infantino water wand. This is an easy to use toy that creates
an interaction between baby and parents. Crafted from high quality material, it is safe for kids to play
with. Baby will explore new textures, patterns and colors as they play. This toy is a sure hit among kids.
Baby is sure to dream sweetly and peacefully with this pretty toy. Perfect for helping to support hand-eye
coordination and healthy sensory enhancement!


  • Nice translucent water castle
  • See the water flowing from either end, going through the coloured propeller
  • Easy to grasp
  • Textures encourages exploration
  • Develops fine motor skill development for little fingers


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