TAF TOYS โมบายม่านบังแดด แบบพกพา watermelon sun shade


SKU : 605566121550 / 12155

3in1 ผ้าคลุมและม่านบังแดดรถเข็นเด็ก ปกป้องลูกน้อยของคุณจากรังสี UVA และ UVB กว่า 97% จากรังสีที่เป็นอันตรายจากแสงแดด





Taf Toys Watermelon Sun Shade

The Taf Toys Watermelon Sun Shade is a 3 in 1, UV protected stroller shade which has been tested to and rated at UPF 50+, providing babies with the best protection from the sun’s harmful rays.


  • The Watermelon Sun Shade attaches quickly and easily to the canopy of any stroller, pram or car seat via simple clip attachments.
  • Features two colourful hanging toys to entertain baby both when the shade is down or stored away.
  • Clips and Velcro fasteners for high shading position to allow for lots of airflow.
  • UPF 50+ protection for your baby from over 97% of the sun's UVA and UVB rays, and no matter what the sun's angle, the cover can be easily adjusted to shade your baby from head to toe.
  • The Watermelon pouch is a handy storage space for the sun shade, which can be rolled up and zipped away easily when not in use, for clean and tidy storage.


How to use
Attaches quickly and easily to the canopy of any pram or stroller. 

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